I seriously wanted to punch you both in the face. (incendiers) wrote in adreamingsoul,
I seriously wanted to punch you both in the face.

Want to be a maker?;)

basically, we want an active community okay?
and because we've changed the rules a lot since then, we thought that we'd be a bit more laid-back now.

Our *NEW* Rules:
-Fill out the application form below.
-You MAY link to your own Graphics Journal. :D
-Entries can be Public or Private when you post here. we don't mind. Although if the entry you're going to link here is member locked or will be locked, please say so in your post :)
-Try to speak english, please?;)
-Do NOT bash other makers here.
-Inactivity for more than 5 months[unless you're on hiatus, which then, you will have to message me ], will make you lose your ability to post.
-Fandoms are not limited;D
-Don't get offended if you are criticized. Everyone can improve.:)
-Don't be afraid to apply, you don't need to have photoshop, you don't have to be amazing with it, but please, if you are very new here, and don't get accepted,[you need the approval of 2 out of the 3 mods], Don't take it personally, and apply again after you feel you've improved:)
- If you have read the rules, and would like to apply, reply with your application and the title, Wanderer.

Application form! Good Luck!;)
<b>Communities you post at:</b>
<b>Program/editor used:</b>
<b>How long have you been making icons?:</b>
<b>What do you usually make icons of?:</b>
<b>Do you also make other kinds of graphics/resources?:</b>
<b>10-15 icon examples and/or other graphics:</b>


Also, if you want to be affiliates, comment here:D
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